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The AC Skin Sciences Brand Ambassador Program offers individuals an exceptional opportunity to join our exclusive community and represent our groundbreaking anti-aging skincare brand. As a brand ambassador, you will enjoy a multitude of benefits while sharing our exceptional products with others.

Key Benefits:

  1. Free Membership: Joining our brand ambassador program is completely free. We believe in providing equal opportunities to all passionate individuals without any financial barriers.
  2. Commission on Customer Sales: As a brand ambassador, you will earn a generous commission of $115 for every sale made by customers you refer. This allows you to earn income while promoting our highly sought-after products.
  3. Wholesale Purchases: Brand ambassadors have the exclusive privilege of purchasing our anti-aging systems at wholesale prices. This means you can save significantly compared to regular retail prices, maximizing your earning potential.
  4. Special Offer: As a token of appreciation for our brand ambassadors, we provide an incredible discount on your first anti-aging system purchase. You can get your first system for just $90, which is an extraordinary $300 off the regular retail price.
  5. Access to Marketing Meetings and Mentorship: All our brand ambassadors gain exclusive access to our marketing meetings where you will learn valuable insights and strategies to enhance your sales performance. Additionally, you will receive direct mentorship from our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), who will guide you to effectively drive sales and maximize your earning potential.

Requirements for Active Participation: To ensure the integrity of our brand ambassador program and prevent abuse of the wholesale discount, we have a simple requirement for remaining active. You are expected to generate a minimum of two sales within a six-month period. This modest requirement encourages brand ambassadors to actively promote our products, maintain engagement, and safeguard the program’s fairness.

By implementing this requirement, we aim to foster a vibrant community of dedicated brand ambassadors who are committed to sharing the benefits of AC Skin Sciences while also protecting the exclusive advantages of our wholesale pricing.

Join the AC Skin Sciences Brand Ambassador Program today and become part of a dynamic team that promotes exceptional anti-aging skincare solutions. Enjoy the perks of commission-based earnings, wholesale purchases, a special offer on your first purchase, and access to marketing meetings and mentorship from our CMO. Start your journey towards healthier, more youthful skin while building a rewarding income stream as an AC Skin Sciences brand ambassador.


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